Kickstarter Success - Girls who question

GtG was thrilled to get this message during our kickstarter, showing how young minds are thinking about how to change the world for girls:

"I just wanted to send a note to let you know that I shared what you are doing with my 14-year-old daughter, and she was very excited to see what you are trying to accomplish. She wanted to know what your vision was after the first documentary and how you think the stories will help girls globally in the long run. :)

We donated $100 in her name to your kickstarter campaign."

Here is our response:

Why is it important to highlight these stories?

Girls Thinking Global knows how important adolescent girls are. We also know there are women and girls all over the world who are changing girls lives. They are implementing sustainable, community driven programs to drive impact and create change for adolescent girls globally - giving them better opportunities for education, access to health care, and forming the future female leaders of the world. Girls Thinking Global is highlighting these women, girls, and organizations who are exemplars in the field, to show what is possible when community driven, culturally sensitive, sustainable practices are put into place. Girls are changing the world, and we want to bring you the stories.

Highlighting these stories is just one part of the Girls Thinking Action Plan. To take action for girls worldwide, we plan to:


We are designing an online database of organizations working with adolescent girls. This database will strategically connect them, and provide open-sources resources to enable them to achieve their full potential and create a global network.


We will hold an annual summit focused on education, empowerment, employment and engagement, where our affiliated organizations can come together to share best practices and knowledge. We will also host an awards program recognizing individuals and organizations that have brought advancement and opportunities to girls and women worldwide.


We will highlight exemplars and success stories through documentaries and case studies of organizations and women striving to educate and empower girls globally.


We will strive to be an advocate for issues facing adolescent girls globally, sharing relevant stories, events, and advocacy campaigns from around the world, increasing the global discourse around the issues , distributing information and campaigns through our online platforms. We will also focus on fundraising and resources to support girls and women around the world.