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GTG’s vision is to cross-pollinate a global network of organizations serving girls and young women to leverage resources. This is achieved by leveraging technology to create a collaborative space connecting best practices, knowledge, and expertise between nonprofits working with adolescent girls and young women, allowing those organizations to grow and continue to expand their services. In addition, Girls Thinking Global will create unique programs to support specific needs not covered by other foundations and/or identified by our supporters. Together we are stronger than a group of separate entities.
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Author: ginnykirkland

14 Jan Why Girls Thinking Global

While there are many organizations working courageously to raise awareness about the need to educate girls and women around the world, we have found that many of these efforts are taking place in isolation, where resources and awareness campaigns are not being leveraged to provide...

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13 Jan Girls In the 21st Century

In 21st century America, we often find ourselves reminiscing about the strides that have been made technology, health, education and simple everyday activities.  However, as we look beyond the United States, we find all too often, large pockets of the world that are struggling to...

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